How to clean a Laptop Keyboard

How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard?

Keyboards are simply the dirtiest part of our laptop or laptop computer. It’s what we contact most frequently, and no matter how clean you assume your fingers are, the extent of dust and microorganism transferred from and to your keyboard would nonetheless shock you.

Don’t fear since you made the suitable alternative on studying right here; as a result of we’ll break down beneficial recommendations on learning how to clean a laptop keyboard.

How to clean a Laptop Keyboard

To safely clean your keyboard, gently shake your keyboard upside down, then blast the crumbs and dirt with canned air, then lastly, wipe your keyboard with a fabric that was damped with alcohol.

It’s so easy you could even begin immediately. Although, not fully realizing the detailed steps earlier than beginning cleansing your laptop keyboard might do extra harm than good.

The significant factor is, we’re right here to put out detailed steps about how to clean a laptop keyboard and clarify the issues that may and will not do well for the best laptop keyboard.

5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Laptop Keyboard

Cleaning your laptop keyboard might be faster and more straightforward than you can think about. This is so simple as how you can eat and dip your cheese-flavored fingers on your keyboard keys, whereas cramming to complete your computer or laptop duties.

We should always solely comply with the following steps that describe how to clean a laptop keyword intimately.

  • Unplugging the Power Sources:

This ought to be a necessity in cleaning laptops and all digital gadgets or something concerned with electrical energy.

Unplug the charger from the power outlet and the laptop. Flip off the computer and also take away the battery. Earlier than anything else, security is our primary precedence.

  • Preparing the Cleaning Materials Needed:

You can’t begin cleaning without getting ready the supplies first. The supplies you will want are the next:

  1. Rubbing Alcohol
  2. Cotton Swab
  3. Compressed Air
  4. Microfiber Cloth
  • Tilting Your Keyboard Upside Down:

There are significant grime and food particles that aren’t caught deep that can be already dislodged simply by shaking your laptop. To do that, hold your laptop upside-down and gently shake it.

Bodily examine it and repeatedly tap it till no crumbs are falling. Be careful when doing this because your hand may slip, and you won’t need what will occur subsequently.

  • Using Compressed Air To Clean Further:

Now, the dirt can’t be dislodged just by shaking it because they’re caught in between keys or are glued to the keys due to the oil. That is the place you’ll use compressed air or canned air.

Blow the mud and particles which can be sticking on the keyboard keys utilizing the micro vacuum attachment.

If you don’t have canned air, you should utilize a small vacuum to tug the mud and fur off your keyboard. Watch out as a result of some keys that may also be sipped if your vacuum is too robust.

It would help if you used a USB-powered vacuum that’s secure for keyboard use. Some use a cleansing slime that may get in between keys to get the fur proof that your cat slept very effectively on top of your keyboard.

  • Wiping The Keyboard Using The Microfiber Cloth:

That is the step to erase your lovely memory of eating your favorite oily snack while utilizing your laptop.

Damp the microfiber cloth with rubbing alcohol and gently wipe your keyboard keys. Be sure to examine that all cussed dirt shall be swept by it.

If you are using an external keyboard, ensure to clean the connecting wire and the keyboard case. Use cotton swabs with alcohol for the small areas, like the spaces in between the keys.

How to clean a Laptop Keyboard by Removing Keys?

Suppose you are just not glad about the previous fast and effective method of cleaning a laptop keyboard. In that case, there’s genuinely an extra complicated but, in addition, the more practical and satisfying solution to clear it – by cleaning each of your keys.

How to clean a Laptop Keyboard by Removing Keys?
  • Search For The Laptop Model:

Search online and ensure that your keyboard keys could be pried off. The keycaps of the keyboards of some laptop models are already entirely hooked up, so they may harm your laptop if you skip this step.

  • Take A Picture:

Be sure to take an image of your laptop before plucking off its keycaps, so you’ll be sure that you’ve got done the relevant factor and didn’t accidentally switch keys after cleaning. You’d additionally know when you had accidentally scratched it or not.

  • Remove All of the Keys:

Gently remove the keys, one after the other, with the assistance of a small flat tool. It would be best if you visited the nearest electronics retailer for the device you want, or you can even discover from many supplies that might be present in your house.

Don’t try to make use of your finger because it is likely to be too large to pry off the keys. Additionally, ensure to store them in a container so that you won’t accidentally lose them.

  • Wiping The Keys:

That is the heart of your plan, to clean each of the keys and, in addition, the previously unreachable parts of your keyboard.

First, damp your microfiber cloth with alcohol and gently rub those locations where the keys beforehand got here from.

Watch out and ensure to damp a little alcohol on your microfiber fabric and never closely moist it as a result of the liquid may drip to the now extra uncovered inside elements of the keyboard.

Then clear each keyboard key and even beneath the keys with the microfiber cloth that can also be damped with alcohol.

  • Reassemble the Keys again:

After you have successfully cleaned the keyboard, you should now put it back again. Gently put each of the keys again and ensure that all the sides are fully intact.

If the keys don’t return once more after urgent it again, learn the instruction handbook because there is likely to be particular directions for the keys to be positioned again on their designated spot.

How to clean a Laptop keyboard after a Spill?

This is an emergency situation for all laptop users and you may need to know what to do in case a drink is spilled on your laptop and you dont know how to clean a laptop keyboard?

How to clean a Laptop keyboard after a Spill?

In worse situations, you need to learn this since you already experienced it, and didn’t know what to do, and now you’re reading this using your new laptop. So in case your purpose belongs to any of these two, listed here are the steps for you:

Unplug Power Sources:

You already know the drill; the 1st step in a harmful situation that includes electricity is to unplug all the power sources. You could comply with these steps strictly to provide your laptop the very best chance of survival:

  1. Isolate your laptop. Unplug the charger from the power outlet and your laptop.
  2. Put on or put an insulator around your hand – it is likely to be a cloth, gloves, plastic, or others. It will be better to have available and straightforward to put on gloves near your workstation.
  3. With the gloves already worn by you, forcefully flip off your laptop by pressing and holding the Power Button.
  4. Remove the battery.

Open Up The Laptop:

With the laptop already isolated from power sources, all you need to do is clear. But this isn’t the same as the ordinary cleaning approach that you have learned earlier.

During spills, your target is to scrub all of the parts reached by the spilled drink, including the interior elements. That is to forestall corrosion by just letting your favorite flavored drink dry up but still leaving these chemical compounds inside your laptop.

So your next step is to open it up. Search for its handbook online and follow the guides on learning how to open your laptop computer.

Don’t fear the short-circuiting of inside elements because you have already eliminated all the power sources, and you may consider it now solely as many interconnected dead pieces of metals.

If you don’t want to open your laptop by yourself, you can find an expert to clean that spilled drink for you.

Clean The Internal Parts:

To scrub its internal parts, you can use Isopropyl Alcohol in the affected area. Alcohol has fewer chemicals than different cleaning materials, which is extremely good for cleaning electronic elements.

Pour alcohol and use a brush to clean it gently. Be careful and use a brush that has mushy bristles. Stiff bristles or too much power may pull off the internal elements.

In case you don’t have alcohol, you should utilize distilled water instead. Distilled water has no conductive minerals current that will short circuit your laptop’s digital elements or could trigger corrosion.

Guarantee that no traces of your drink shall be left after cleansing because your laptop may already work for some time; however, corrosion takes a couple of days or perhaps weeks to seem, relying on the chemical that may dry up and react to your circuit.

Wipe Your Laptop’s External Parts:

Cleansing the exterior elements is way simpler and safer for both you and your laptop. After cleansing the internal parts, you may wipe the sticky elements of your laptop that had been affected by the spilled drink.

Dry It Up For Few Days:

It’s a must to prevent your electronic components from having a short circuit with one another, so it’s essential to ensure that your laptop is dry earlier than utilizing it. Watch for a couple of days earlier than attempting to show it on.

The precise number of days before your laptop fully dries up differs drastically so that we will guarantee anything on that. However, sustaining it disassembled for a couple of days would make it dry up sooner than assembling it immediately after cleansing it.

Assembling and Testing Your Laptop:

After drying your laptop for a couple of days, you may assemble it and turn it on. Take note that if it did activate efficiently, it doesn’t imply that it’s already okay.

Some laptops or electronic components can carry higher masses or prevent short circuits for a few moments earlier than bursting into destruction. So ensure that it’s already scorched before testing it out.


Above, we have discussed the easy and quick methods that show how to clean a laptop keyboard for beginners and professionals also. Make sure, always be careful while performing these steps, read carefully all the steps mentioned above.